Devin Toselli is a director of photography based in South Africa. He was brought up by his fashion photographer father, Patrick Toselli and stylist mother Leigh Toselli, inspiring his passion for cinematography and fostering an instinctual creativity for lighting and lensing. After graduating from AFDA in 2010 Devin has rapidly gained a reputation for exquisite visuals and an enthusiastic attitude on set. He has worked with South Africa’s top directors on award winning commercials filmed all over the world. Some of his favourites have been Sam coleman on Hero Beer, Jeana Theron-Khoury for Environ, Robin Goode for ABSA, Terence Neale for 5FM Live Loud and Peter Pohorsky for Chicken Licken. He is also very proud of the two feature films he shot, Jou Romeo (2016) and Wonderlus (2018) and looks forward to working on many more features.

In 2016 Devin was awarded the number 1 Loeries ranked Cinematographer for his work on Chicken Licken ‘KungFu’, Ster Kinekor ‘Vision Mission’ and 5Fm. His work was also featured on the Arri Alexa showreel in 2014. 
Devin is the director of photography of the award winning web series Chin Up!

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